Provide rugged, reliable and accurate automation of quarter turn valves and dampers

Features & Benefits:

    • Standard enclosure IP-67, Nema 4, 4X
    • Squirrel Cage, totally enclosed motor
    • Standardized and color-coded wiring
    • 2 SPDT Auxiliary Limit Switches Standard
    • Manual override hand/auto declutch lever, automatic reset when motor energized
    • Handwheel designed for safe, efficient operation
    • Mounting includes both ISO-5211 & ABZ/Keystone Bolt Circles; removable drive bushing can be machined to match valve stem
    • Wormgear drive for longer life and low maximum noise level of 50dB
    • Indicator beacon for continuous visual indication of valve position
    • 20 watt internal heater to minimize condensation due to temperature and humidity changes
    • Cam actuated end of travel limit switches are easily adjusted to de-energize actuator for precise valve position
    • Torque switch is cam actuated and factory set to provide over torque protection for valves, standard in size AVE-15 thru AVE-250
    • Mechanical limit stops designed to prevent over-travel of quarter turn applications
    • Valve backdrive is prevented by a rolled steel wormgear and aluminum bronze wormwheel
    • CSA Approval for sizes –6 – 050, CE Approval on all sizes


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